Production dimension 1mm-50.8mm
Production degree G10~G1000
Applicable standard ISO3290, GB308, DIN5401, ABMA, JIS
¡¡Chrome steel balls of high precision
  ¡¡Changzhou Risheng Steel Ball Co., Ltd has the most comprehensive chrome steel ball production lines. We use high-quality vacuum degassing steel and adopt the international advanced technology (high speed forging, protective atmosphere heat treat-meant and stone lapping). Our products of high precision have satisfactorily met the requirement of customers, including many well-known OEM customers abroad. This factory is noted for its products of wide range of different sizes, and various grades and standards, and processing products according to special customized requirements.

¡¡High-quality carbon balls
With the many years¡¯ experience of producing carbon steel ball,Changzhou Risheng Steel Ball Co., Ltd select the high quality carbon steel as raw material and adopt the advanced technology. The characteristics of our products include good precision, right depth of carburized layer, high tensile strength and long life. They have been broadly used in the carbon steel bearings, quality bicycles, electricity switch and the Japanese Pachinko game machines.

                     TO the minisize steel ball(1mm-3mm)especially,having big throughput of 300millions p.a.¡¡¡¡

Steel ball

Stainless steel ball

Special-shaped steel

Special-shaped steel

All kinds of steel ball
Copper ball
Flying-disk ball
Chrome steel ball
Silicon nitride
¡¡¡¡Special-shaped steel ball¡¯s characteristics: high intensity, bright and clean surface, and long life span, resisting the chemical reaction.
The materials include carbon steel, stainless steel (304, 316, 420, etc.) and bearing steel.
The varieties: UFO-ball, special-shaped ball, steel ball.

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